Today I will be writing about chapter 24 which is the last chapter of The Odyssey. Hermes summoned the spirit of all the dead Suitors and all the heroes throughout the book and led them to the Underworld. Hermes was having a conversation with the dead spirits. Odysseus, Telemachus, and the man that helped to kill the Suitors went into details about how they dies. Agamemnon rejoices for Odysseus. Laertes fell for the story. Odyssey took off the disguise he was wearing and told Laertes that he is Odysseus. Laertes still did not believe him, he wanted more proof. They went back to the wooded farm where they ate and talked about if that was really Odysseus. In Ithaca the rumors spread about the death of the Suitors. The Suitors were killed by Odysseus and some others. The Suitors who did not die held an assembly. They blamed Odysseus for those who were killed. They thought that they would be able to take till Halithesis lets everyone know that there was a god  standing by Odysseus’ side. Zues lets it be that Odysseus will be King and Athene spoke to Odysseus to re-sure him. What all this is saying is that Odysseus killed the Suitors and the other Suitors were not happy with what has happened. They said that there was a god watching over Odysseus. I really love this book but , I think the Suitors got what was coming to them. They were being greedy and harassing his wife Penelope and son Telemachus. They were destroying his home so that is the revenge he got by killing them. The authors purpose in this chapter was to give us the news that the Suitors were killed by Royal Odysseus and his men. They wanted us too know that the Suitors will no longer bother the people of Ithaca. In this chapter the author used cause and effect, it say it is cause and effect because they used the word ” because”. Example. because the Suitors were harassing the royal family they were killed.  This book is awesome!


Today I will be writing about chapter eight of the Odyssey. In chapter eight the day after Odysseus reached Alcinous, they held an assembly with the Phaeacians. Alcinous was telling the Phaeacians that he did not know Odysseus but he was asking for help to get home. He went on saying that no stranger had ever come to his halls asking for help. Alcinous told them that he was going to launch a black ship into the Sacred sea with two and fifty young men. Those young men were going to be chosen if they are good enough. After the assembly, all the people including the captains and councilors went to Alcinous’ palace to entertain Odysseus. Demodokos who was blind was asked to talk about the fight between Odysseus and Achilleus that went down before the Trojan War. When he was telling the story Odysseus shed a tear. He his face beneath his cloak and the only person that saw this was King Alcinous because he was closest to him. Alcinous told the people that they should play some sports. He told Odysseus that when he goes home he should tell his people that the Phaeacians were athletic. Prince Laodamas who is King Alcinous’s son invited Odysseus to join them in the games. After all, that playing Alcinous asked Demodokas to sing again. Demodokos song about when Ares ( the goddess of love) and Aphrodite ( goddess of war) were arguing. After the song, Euryalos offered Odysseus a sword because of this rude words towards him. Odysseus was given a nice bath and after the bath, he asked Demodokos to sing about him on the Trojan horse. He cried again after hearing it. Alcinous asked Odysseus to tell more about himself.  I really enjoy reading this book especially this chapter. This chapter made me happy becasue King Alcinous helped him when others did not want to. The authors purpose in writing this to give us an update on how Odysseus is doing while he tries to find a way home back to Ithaca. It helps us to make inferences about whether or not he will get home safe and unharmed of not make it at all. In this chapter the author uses cause and effect, I know this because he uses words like because and cause. That is what chapter eight is all about and I hope you get to read it too.


Today I will be writing about chapter four of The Odyssey by Homer. Here’s some background knowledge about Homer before I start. Homer was believed to be born in Ios Greece, ancient Greeks believed he was the first and greatest of the epic poets. Not much is known about Homer.  The fourth chapter was about Telemachus and Menelaus talking to each other while the Suitors were rioting. The suitors were talking about how Telemachus left and didn’t say anything. The Suitors were also planning to kill Telemachus so that they could marry his mother without him telling them not to. The Suitors planned to slay Telemachus with the keen sword. Penelope( Telemachus’s mother and Odysseus’s wife) found out that Telemachus was about to go to sea to look for his look gone father Odysseus. The Suitors were well prepared to chase after Telemachus before he enters the ship. Athene ( Goddess) shows herself to Penelope as a Phantom ( ghost) to try and calm her mind. Athene didn’t tell her whether Odysseus is dead or alive. That’s what chapter four of The Odyssey was about. I found this chapter surprising because I didn’t expect Telemachus to go out to sea to find his father. He didn’t even know him but yet he cared enough to go and look for him. Even though the Suitors were trying to kill him. The authors purpose for writing this is to let us know a little more about the Greek culture. It also helps us to make inferences about what is going to happen next. In this chapter I recognized a lot of cause and effects. They use word like because, cause and since. Those are the things I know/ found in the Odyssey.




The story that I’ll be summarizing  is called A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This story was written by the famous English poet, play writer and actor William Shakespeare. The first chapter of the book was all about letting us know who the main characters were and what were their relationship. Lysander loves Hermia and Hermia love Lysander, Helena loves Demetrius but Demetrius doesn’t feel the same way. Demetrius love Hermia but she don’t like him that way. Hermia’s father Egeus doesn’t want her to marry Lysander, he prefer  her to marry Demetrius. When Hermia refused to marry Demetrius her father threatened her that if she doesn’t marry Demetrius she will be put to death or be a nun. She didn’t want to die or be a nun so both her and Lysander decided to run away to a nearby town to get married at Lysander’s aunt’s house. When they left Egeus’s kingdom they headed for the forest, behind them was Demetrius who was trying to convince Hermia to stay and behind Demetrius was Helena who was chasing him down to confess her love for him. While in the forest Lysander and Hemia hid away from Demetrius, Demetrius hid away from Helena. Someone saw Demetrius running from Helena, so he decided to send a fairy name Puck to fix it. Puck then put the fairy dust on the wrong person. He put the fairy dust on Lyander so that the first person he see’s he will fall in love with them. He woke up and see’s Helena and falls in love. That’s what the first chapter of A Midsummer Night’s Dream was all about. I personally think that this story is worth reading, so I strongly recommend it. If  I was supposed to take notes on this chapter I would probably use webs because it connects all the pieces in a particular story.


My name is Shamar Walker, I am 14 years old I was born in Jamaica on September 21, 2001. My hobbies includes playing the drums, playing soccer, playing video games, writing essays, reading, surfing the internet and texting. My favorite foods are rice and peas with curried goat and oxtail. My favorite color is blue, I just love blue. My favorite song is ” Hooked on a feeling” by Blue Swede. This song was featured in the Guardians Of the Galaxy. My strengths are mainly in English, like writing etc… My weaknesses are mainly in Math , but I am working on it. I have a nuclear family, which includes my mother, step-dad and brother. I don’t have any friends as yet but am sure I’ll make some in the near future. I think this class is going to be great because I love to work on computers.

The last book I read was A Midsummer Nights Dream by William Shakespeare. I really love reading his books because of the words he uses. At the beginning of this book I thought I knew what it was all about, but when I read it it was totally different. This book had characters like fairies, a king and a queen. At the end of the book I finally got what it was all about. I will be reading it again soon.

My favorite genre to read is romance, I find these books to be very interesting. One of my favorite romance book is Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. This book is my favorite because it tells me that no matter what happens in life there will always be someone that loves you out there. I also enjoy reading sports magazines, I enjoy sports magazines because am a big fan of soccer. I play soccer for the community I live in and  I look forward for those magazines coming in the mail.